Our Publications

Filippone, A., Li, JG., Praticò, D. VPS35 downregulation alters degradation pathways in neuronal cells.
Lauretti, E., Dabrowski, K., Pratic√≤, D. The neurobiology of non-coding RNAs and Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis: pathways, mechanisms, and translational opportunities. Ageing Res Rev. PMID: 34384901
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Filippone, A., Smith, T., Praticò, D. Dysregulation of the retromer complex in brain endothelial cells results in accumulation of phosphorylated tau. J. Inflammation Research PMID:35002279

Li, JG, Chu, J., Pratic√≤, D. Downregulation of autophagy by 12/15Lipoxygenase worsens the phenotype of an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model with plaques, tangles, and memory impairments. Mol. Psychiatry PMID: 30279460

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